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Vicki Ferrari

 Law Enforcement

Vicki Ferrari is uniquely qualified to speak on law enforcement topics across a wide range of subjects.

Vicki  is a decorated officer with 16 years of law enforcement experience. She began her career with the Los Angeles Police Department stationed in the toughest part of the city, south central LA.   She has extensive experience in narcotics, prostitution, sexual assaults, human trafficking, and weapons offenses.  She has worked specialized units that target these crimes for the majority of her career.

Vicki is currently assigned to the Street Crimes Unit in the heart of the city of Denver. She has worked in an undercover capacity for hundreds of operations, including the attempted apprehension of a sexual predator.   She has experience in surveillance techniques and has been the case agent in charge of a large number of covert operations.  Being a member of the unit, Vicki has taken part in many other operations which include; squad leader on the Rapid Deployment Vehicle in the 2008 DNC for President Obama,  riot control, fugitive apprehension with multiple federal agencies, bank robbery stake outs, pattern crime operations and more.

When she's not apprehending bad guys, she's a spokesperson for the Denver PD. Vicki has never been shy in front of the camera and has been featured on such shows as COPS, Discovery Channel, LAPD Life On The Beat and American Gladiators.  She's appeared in print publications such as Huffington Post, Reality Bug, OC Register and American Police Beat.  In 2008 she was featured as one of Colorado's Influential Women.


Distinguished Service Cross, Merit Award, Sharp Shooter Medal, Officer of the Year and Valor Award nomination from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Denver PD Officer of the Month, Good Neighbor Award/Capital Hill Neighborhoods, Top Gun Award, nominated for the Presidential Medal of Valor 2006 and more than 100 commendations.


Advanced Undercover Techniques with specialized training in female undercover work
Clandestine Lab
Interdiction - Hidden Compartment in Commercial and Personal Vehicles
Crisis Intervention Training - CIT
FEMA Certification from Homeland Security for National Incident Management and WMD
DEA Certification for Outdoor Marijuana Investigation, Aerial Spotting and Land Navigation
Law Enforcement Bicycle Trained
Arrest and Control Techiques
DUI Investigations
Crowd Control




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